Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I bet ya Jed Clampett want his money back...

Inside Your Dreams

off 'Lupe Fiasco's The Cool'

Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon (May 15, 1923 - October 1, 2004) was an American photographer.
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Love the feel.

Directed by Rik Cordero
off 'The Renaissance'

Talking Heads

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Knife


from 'Silent Shout'

Invisible Gifts

After dinner Mrs. Fedder suggested we listen to the program. Her enthusiasm, her nostalgia for the program, especially the old days when buddy and I were on it, makes me uneasy. Tonight it was broadcast from some naval airbase, of all places, near San Diego. Much too many pedantic questions and answers. Franny sounded as though she had a head cold. Zooey was in dreamy top form. The announcer had them off on the subject of housing developments, and the little Burke girl said she hated houses that all look alike - meaning a long row of identical 'development' houses. Zooey said they were 'nice.' He said it would be very nice to come home and be in the wrong house. To eat dinner with the wrong people by mistake, sleep in the wrong bed by mistake, and kiss everybody goodbye in the morning thinking they were your own family. He said he even wished everybody in the world looked exactly alike. He said you'd keep thinking everybody was your wife or your mother or father, and people would always be throwing their arms around each other wherever they went, and it would look 'very nice.'

++J.D. Salinger / Raise High The Roof Beam, Carpenters++

Sacrificial & Sighing

SUNDAY JULY 25 - ... to the beach. We played in the waves for hours, lay in the sun. We had dinner at my house, and then the summernight fields and softness and great stars bending close-pack't, and odourous darkness, and flowers and hidden gardens, and the whole universe melting and falling down the skies all crumbled and soft, all blurred and transcendental with milky light, all immortal, all sacrificial and sighing, all too impossible to keep and bear so beautiful and so sad. I wonder why our life must quiver between beauty and guilt, consummation and sadness, desire and regret, immortality and tattered moments unknowable, truth and beautiful meaningful lies, knowledge and the genius of illusion, love and chagrin, "Time" and minutes, what-we-do and what-we-want - or - other poles quivering elsewhere in greater, softer darknesses. Later, at night, wandered in the Bowery enjoying a few beers and thinking love-thoughts, then saw Lucien and Barbara and got out-drunk and staggered home in the morning...and Allen was crying because he thought nobody wanted to hear his new "silence and transcendance" visions, although, being silent and transcendent, of course, he could not utter them, and we could not utter our understanding, and the Big Error, or (to me) the Big Truth, hovered near touching us almost with its unknown wings. However, there was no reason for me to get so drunk. I think I got drunk for the first time simply because I was happy, no other big reason, and because I was in love, in its living room resting.

++Jack Kerouac, Journal Entry, 7.25.48++

808s and Heartbreak

808s and Heartbreak dropped yesterday, 11/24.

My favorite track.

Also, check the ill "Love Lockdown" performance from the MTV EMAs.

Luke Chueh

Luke Chueh is a painter and graphic designer from Los Angeles, CA.

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